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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

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First of allPTA Updates

Welcome to Sutton Park School Parent Teacher Association!  All parents/guardians of children currently enrolled in Junior School, Intermediate School and Senior School are automatically members of the PTA, can join in all of its activities and can be elected to become members of the committee at the Annual PTA Meeting.  

What is the PTA?

Sutton Park School PTA works in partnership with the School’s Board of Management and Senior Management Team to help build a positive and engaging learning environment from Junior Infants right through to Sixth Year Students.  We do this by providing practical and financial support to enable the school to host events, activities and initiatives that enrich the students’ experience of day-to-day school life during the year.  The PTA also approves funding from its budget for added-value school projects/items that would not otherwise be funded from the school’s annual budgets

The PTA provides a two-way mechanism for communication between the parent body and Board of Management and Senior Management Team, on appropriate school matters.

The school allocates a proportion of fees each year to the PTA to enable the PTA to carry out its work.  The Annual General Meeting is held at the start of each new School academic year where accounts and reports are presented and parents voted in as Committee Members.  Nominated teachers join with elected parents to form the PTA Committee. 

Committee members 2018/19 academic year

Nathalie Van den Berg (Chairperson)

Judy Hobson-Lucas (Secretary)

Emer Kelly Spedding (Treasurer)

Liam Burns (Principal of the Junior & Intermediate School)

David Bane (Deputy Principal, Senior School)

Fiona Dean (Junior School Teacher)

Aysil Akcanbas

Benedikta McSharry

Erin Van Dyke

Gabby Coronado

Katarzyna Odynokow

Kristen Barton

Miriam Hayde

Niamh Herron

Nicola Harvey

Tina Christensen.

Contact: Please contact the Committee at  


PTA update for Parents 2018-19 Academic Year

Forthcoming Events:

  • SPS Gala Ball - 29 March 2019 at Clontarf Castle
  • SPS North Dublin Spelling Bee Finals - 5 April 2019
  • Plant Sale - Fundraiser for SPS New Building Fund.  Pre-purchase form will be issued to all families and plants will be available for pick up on the Junior & Intermediate School Sports Day on Tuesday 14 May.  
  • Grade 6 Graduation - Wednesday 29 May

Initiatives supported by the PTA since Sept 2018:

  • Debs for Class of 2018
  • Parent Welcome Coffee Morning with Guest Speaker
  • Open Evening - Whole School
  • Junior & Intermediate School Open Day
  • Junior & Intermediate School Halloween Parade
  • Junior & Intermediate School Christmas Plays
  • Selection Boxes for Whole School at Christmas
  • Junior & Intermediate School Global Feast
  • Parent Teacher Table Quiz - Fundraiser for Build a Hall Fund
  • Mental Health Awareness Weeek - Walk into the Light Breakfast and Feel Good Friday Pizza
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Contact Details:

St Fintan's Road, Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland 

Tel: +353 1 832 2940

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