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Sutton Park School invites a Scholarship entry annually in early October known as ‘The Lighthouse Scholarship Exam’ for students entering first year and fifth year senior school only.

Candidates sit two papers in Mathematics and English (Comprehension) in this competitive examination and the very best students are then considered by the Scholarship Committee.

Awards of a full Scholarship are very prestigious and given to Students who performed exceptionally well in both the English and Maths papers.

Half Scholarships can be awarded for exceptional performance in either English or Maths. All awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships are available for Senior Cycle students.  Once again, candidates are required to sit two papers in Mathematics and English.  For further details, please contact the School Office after you have completed the Lighthouse Scholarship application form.  Examinations for the Senior Cycle Scholarship are arranged in both the Autumn and Summer Terms. 

Other Scholarship schemes are available for Music via the annual Young Musician Competition and for Senior School entry only.

If you would like further information please contact the Main Office.

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Contact Details:

St Fintan's Road, Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland 

Tel: +353 1 832 2940

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